Death of a Maid

Death of a Maid Imagine your surprise when you stand beside the Mercat Cross, a shade walks over to you and says. “Let me tell you of my life in … Continue Reading →

New Books

Hi everybody, I have not been idle whilst writing The Jacobean Ring. I have a further two books in the pipeline. The first is a book that follows on from … Continue Reading →

Book Launch

Her is the book cover done by my friend Mo who has spent a lot of time on it aging a photo of Candlemakers row and a lot of photo … Continue Reading →

Book Blob

THE JACOBEAN RING Cade Inver-Carron a young police officer, witnesses a body dropped in front of him. One cold and foggy February morning in 1974, on the High Street of … Continue Reading →

The Glastaig Stone: This short story started the whole thing

THE GLAISTIG STONE   Arthur ’Arty’ MacArthur, police inspector of the Highland town of Dun Roman, was at his desk, his elbows on the table one hand cupping his chin, … Continue Reading →

The Jacobean Ring

The Jacobean Ring An ancient Birth-Right is smuggled into Edinburgh. When the smuggler’s body is deposited in front of new PC Cade Inver-Carron, the chase is on. Cade is introduced … Continue Reading →

Why did I write this book

I read a book by Ben Aaronovitch, The Rivers of London, this got me to thinking about Scotland’s Mythical history. I thought of two separate Scotland’s one populated by us. … Continue Reading →

Wellcome to the Jacobean Ring. Blog

This blog is about my novel named The Jacobean Ring. A Fantasy/Fiction Crime novel set in Edinburgh. Just imagine all of the Fairy Tales you were told about Scotland when … Continue Reading →