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Mercat Cross

Cade Inver-Carron a young police officer, witnesses a body dropped in front of him. One cold and foggy February morning in 1974, on the High Street of Edinburgh. He chases a tall kilted stranger through the Old Town of Edinburgh to a well at the corner of the West Bow and the Grassmarket. The stranger touches the well and disappears right in front of him.
His written report of the incident is read by a senior officer who informs Cade that he chased a Fairy. A Fairy from a clan of Assassins named The Hand of Grierson.
“I can assure you sir, the thing that I chased did not have wings and a Tutu.”
Chief Inspector Ardwell informs Cade that he heads a secret department within the Scottish Police Force. The department acts as guardians to doorways that connects the Myths and Lore of Scotland and this reality.
He learns more about Scotland’s Mythology and how these sightings of Nessie is a way for that realm to remind this realm that they are still there.
Cade and his Boss follow the leads and chase their suspect through the doorway into Edin-Alba. The realm that contains these Scottish Myths and Lore.
In this journey, Cade discovers many things about this new world and his past.

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