New Books

Hi everybody, I have not been idle whilst writing The Jacobean Ring. I have a further two books in the pipeline.
The first is a book that follows on from the Jacobean Ring exploring the new characters I’ve created. This book concentrates on a crossover between Edin-Alba and introduces other areas of this world. There is also a mystery from a military hospital from the second world war.
The third book I started as a challenge for the National Novel Writing Month. I thought how did the two worlds come together. So, I went back to Victorian Edinburgh and had a great time writing this. I thought of using the poverty of the workhouse and a sadistic whoremaster. I also used the fact that when the Europeans first encountered the Americas. How these men brought their diseases to that world and how it devastated the population. This book is finished it just needs polishing.
I am at the moment concentrating on the second book and hope to have it finished soon.

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